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Orange Enterprises, Inc., operating from Fresno, California since 1984, provides software solutions for thousands of Agribusiness and Urban customers ranging across California the US and the globe. We have accumulated high levels of expertise in developing custom and off-the-shelf software.

Our mission is to be the best software provider for management & reporting solutions for agriculture and urban users.

Our programs are used by Farmers, Growers, Shippers, Packers, Agribusiness firms, Pest control advisors, Crop Consultants, Soil Labs, Nurseries, Pest control operators, Custom Applicators, Food Companies, Commodity Companies, Farm & Grove Management, Chemical dealers, Engineers, Extension services, Consultants, Equipment salesmen, Academics, Government agencies, Municipalities, Landscape Services, Irrigation Districts, Parks, Golf Courses and Accountants.

Orange Enterprises, Inc. develops, markets and supports business and production software in "vertical markets," where we have specific expertise. Our software is proven... we have been developing software since 1984.


We will tailor the PET TIGER SYSTEM to your unique operation -
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